All of a sudden the heartbeat becomes faster. Is there a fish at the end of the line? Or just another branch in the water? After some seconds it’s obvious: There is a fish. And a little while later it comes to the surface: A pike. But now what to do? It’s the first time that I catch a fish, which is large enough to be eaten. Touching its slimy surface feels weird. And then the hardest part: killing it without pain. After all that is done, it only gets easier – at least mentally. Descaling it, cutting the head and fins off, removing the intestines. Probably I would never have attempted fishing if it was not part of the International Wilderness Guide program. But after having it done once it doesn’t feel like rocket science anymore.


The next day it is prepared over the fire. Adding salt, pepper, fresh herbs and garlic before wrapping it in aluminum foil and let the flames take care of the rest. And when tasting the first bite, it feels like a very rewarding moment for the numerous times that I walked down to the lake at different times of the day without success. But that one time counts.